Relaunch Financing Promotion

As Phase 1 of the Alberta economic relaunch begins, Sofa Land is excited to be reopening its showrooms. Our sales team is proud to offer our customers a limited time financing promotion for the month of May! Sofa Land is offering a Free Financing Promotion on now until June 30th. No up-front payments... just equal payments for 12 months!

Plan Details:

  1. No upfront payments required
  2. Equal monthly payments begin immediately and are processed monthly until plan expires.
  3. Provided the contract is paid out in full on or before the due date there are no interest charges.
  4. In the event the balance is not cleared on or before the due date, interest charges for the outstanding balance begin at the date of the plans expire.
  5. Administration fees vary dependent on length of plan.


  • If a customer defaults on payment 2 months in a row their plan will be cancelled and they will be placed on the monthly revolving plan at 29.99% interest.
  • Interest is charged at 29.99% on any outstanding balances which are not cleared at the time of any plans expire unless the customer makes alternate financing arrangements with Fairstone.
  • Fairstone charges an annual fee of $21 to set up and manage every customers account.

Please contact our sales team for more information, or if you have any questions on this exciting new promotion from your friends at Sofa Land!

Click Here To Learn More About Financing At Sofa Land

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