Will the products shown on the website be the same as those in store?

Yes. All of our regular merchandise that is displayed online will be available for purchase at our stores.


Is everything displayed on the website currently in stock?

At this time, no. While we are working towards linking our inventory database to our online shopping platform, currently you can select almost any product to “Add to Cart” and complete a purchase, regardless of its current stock status. A follow-up confirmation e-mail will always be sent to you by one of our staff to notify you of the estimated timeline of arrival for any out-of-stock products. You can also double-check the current stock levels of a product ahead of time by e-mailing info@sofaland.ca.


What is High Performance Fabric?

High performance fabric looks and feels like leather, but is comprised of a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating overtop. High performance fabrics are recommended for their high durability and resistance to stains.


Can I place a Custom Order online?

No. While we do display our custom order products online for customers to browse, any custom order must be done with a sales professional at one of our store locations. This is to ensure that the size, configuration, and colour that you want to order are all correct at the time of purchase. Custom ordered items are ordered specifically for you, and as such, cannot be exchanged, refunded or canceled.

Click Here for Store Locations.


Why can’t I see when my online order will be shipped?

All delivery and pick up arrangements are handled by us directly, and are subject to factors such as, but not limited to: if the products are currently in stock, if products need to be transferred between warehouses, and the current schedule for our delivery zones. For merchandise requiring delivery, we will contact you personally to book a delivery day that works best for you.


What happens after I complete a purchase online?

You will receive a follow-up e-mail from our online sales coordinator to confirm your order along with a copy of your invoice, as well as information about the next steps for receiving your furniture.


What happens if I make a purchase online and want to cancel?

The same policies and procedures that exist with in-store purchases apply to any online purchase; you can read more about our return policies here. We are happy to help answer any questions or concerns: contact us at 1-866-588-7632, or email us at info@sofaland.ca.


Why doesn’t the Delivery Tracker at the bottom of the website display my incoming order?

The Delivery Tracker on the bottom-right corner of the website is only used for orders being delivered that same day. If you would like an update for your incoming order, please contact your store location or sales professional. You can also email us with your name, phone number, and invoice number at info@sofaland.ca.


What credit card can I use to pay for my online purchase, and are there financing options?

We accept both Visa and Mastercard online. We have multiple financing options through Fairstone Financial, and the financing application is available here. Please note that we cannot process online orders with financing plans, and you will have to complete your purchase at one of our store locations with a sales professional.


Do you ship outside of Alberta?

No, we are only able to provide delivery and shipping options within the province of Alberta.

If you live outside of Alberta but within Canada, you can arrange for a third-party shipping company to pick up our merchandise from our distribution centre and deliver it to you. You will need to provide us with a shipping quote, as well as payment via E-Transfer. We are not liable for any damages that occur during shipping. Contact us at info@sofaland.ca for more information.


Can I get a better price?

We are very honest and straightforward with our pricing, and always offer our best price every day. We feel that is a better way to do business rather than marking everything up enough so that we have room to make a deal later. The only times our products drop in price is if they are damaged, discontinued, or clearance.


I have some more questions, who do I contact?

If you have questions about anything on our website, please contact us at info@sofaland.ca or at 1-866-588-7632. If you wish to speak with a sales professional, please visit one of our locations and we'll be happy to help.


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