Seasonal Makeover

Seasonal Makeover

After the sun, sand and cool tones of summer have faded and we get ready for the cold dark months to come, we tend to look to our living spaces for comfort. If we work with a seasonal mindset when decorating the home, there are some simple ways to update with textiles when the weather turns. Changing the textiles in your home is an inexpensive way to update your space quickly and effectively to embrace that cozy feeling.

When choosing a seasonal accent colour it is best to work with the fixed features and furniture in the home and not stray too far from existing style. Examine the art and accessories to see if a colour pops out at you. If not go with your instinct! Even using the present colour scheme but deepening the tones can work wonders. For instance, watery blue tones can be replaced with a deeper navy. Or if you have lots of grey accented with blush tones you could add deep forest greens. Thread your chosen accent colour through your choices with the following items to create a cohesive look.


You can never have enough toss cushions, right? Think deep jewel tones like plum, emerald, navy, mustard and ruby. Heavier textures like velvet and chunky woven or knit styles are well supported and give a layered look to the sofas and chairs you place them on. New patterns with multiple colours are a great starting point to accessorize the room. Try mixing pillow sizes on larger sectionals and create focal points on armchairs by adding a kidney pillow (a short rectangular shape) to dress up a neutral chair.

Area Rugs

Warm your feet on a plush area rug! Shag variations are on trend in a variety of colours and patterns. For neutral palettes an area rug is one way to introduce a pop of colour. If you are happy with the area rug you already have, why not experiment with placing one beneath your dining table. If they are the same size, you can swap the living and dining rugs for different looks. Layering rugs is a current trend, if you wish to incorporate more texture. Begin with a jute rug (natural woven fibres) and place a patterned carpet on top of it allowing the jute rug to show along the edges.

Throw Blankets

Drape a throw blanket over a chair to create a reading nook or place a large basket in the room with a blanket for everyone in the family. There are so many artful ways to place a throw blanket on your sofa. Place it over the arm, the back of the sofa, across the end of a chaise or simply folded in half and tucked beneath a toss cushion. Once you’ve found pillows you love, choose your throw blankets to coordinate with the pillows.


The best part about a quick fix transformation is that you can update your décor on a budget and store the items you are not using from each season. As you accumulate a few variations, mix and match your textiles to create different looks all year round. So cozy up with plush pillows, cozy throws and lux area rugs and beat the incoming chill!


- Jennifer Sides, Contract Sales and Design

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